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Rally Logger - GPS Data Recording Device


The GPS based Rally Logger system is used by off-road race organizers to record a race vehicle's actual time, date, speed, heading, and position at a pre-determined interval.  At the end of the race, the data is downloaded and then digitally compared to an official map of the race course.  The overlay is analyzed to determine if any short-coursing or speeding has occurred and to verify various timing and scoring criteria.

A small "Slim Bracket" is securely attached to the race vehicle.  The Rally Logger device is locked onto the "Slim Bracket" during contingency or pre-race line up and is then removed at the finish line for data analysis.




Slim Bracket

New Universal Style (8/1/2006)

Key Benefits

Vehicle speed is monitored while race vehicles transit on public roads and highways
Post-event computer dramatizations will be possible for TV productions
Trail blazing off the official course is recorded
GPS data may be used to determine official positions of non-finishing vehicles
GPS data may be replayed and analyzed by race teams after the event
Timing and scoring functions are enhanced
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