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Rally Logger Service Agreement

January 26, 2007



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·         This Service Agreement must be read and accepted before Rally Logger Service will be provided.

·         The Rally Logger is loaded onto each vehicle during contingency day and will be removed at the finish line for data analysis.

·         Non-finishers must return the Rally Logger to RallyTrack at the finish line, a pre-determined drop-off location, or return ship it within 7 days after the event.

·         The duration and events for Pre-Paid service are specified and are non-transferable.

·         Single event service fees require an additional deposit on the equipment.  Multi-event pre-paid customers "may" be required to pay a deposit.


1.           The Rally Logger Service must be pre-paid directly to RallyTrack.com for each race vehicle that is entered in a class that mandates GPS data logging.  The race team agrees to securely install the Rally Logger as outlined in the Installation Guide.


2.           RallyTrack.com will maintain the Rally Logger and provide sufficiently charged batteries and a functional unit at the beginning of each event.  Very rugged packaging has been provided, but in the event of an electronics malfunction, RallyTrack.com will not be held liable for data that is not retrievable from any unit.


3.           It is the responsibility of the race team to protect and prevent damage to a Rally Logger while it is in their possession.  The race team is in possession of the Rally Logger from the time it is issued to them until it is removed at the finish line by a race official or physically returned to RallyTrack.com.  RallyTrack.com will notify the race team verbally and/or in writing if the Rally Logger was damaged due to race activity and is no longer functional.


4.           A service agreement may be voided if a Rally Logger is permanently damaged, lost, or stolen while in the possession of a race team. The race team may be required to initiate a new service agreement before the next event and/or pay any replacement fees.


5.           At least one driver/rider of record for a race vehicle must be named on the service agreement in order for a Rally Logger to be issued  A driver/rider of record may be added by e-mail or written request.  The driver/rider of record may also be added during the pre-race technical inspection by presenting RallyTrack.com the race organization's paperwork that lists the driver/rider of record.  A pre-paid service agreement is required for each additional vehicle if the same driver of record is named on more than one vehicle.  A "Slim Bracket" is assigned to a particular type of race vehicle and driver/rider of record.   Transfers may be made to a new or different race class or race vehicle with e-mail or written request for transfer.


6.           The racecourse will be digitally mapped before a race event by the race organization using GPS.  RallyTrack.com will use this data as the official racecourse for comparison to data downloaded from a Rally Logger.  RallyTrack.com does not distribute any official race data without approval from the responsible race organization.


7.           The Rally Logger data will be downloaded and analyzed by a representative of RallyTrack.com at the finish for the finishing vehicles.  The download and analysis could take approximately 15 minutes per vehicle for long races (i.e. 1000 miles).  Data from  non-finishing vehicles will only be analyzed at the request of the race organization.


8.           Detailed records will be created for any speed violations and/or course deviations for race officials to evaluate and decide any penalties.  Violations may be digitally presented via computer or as a hard copy print out to the race organization.


9.           Collected data will remain the joint copyright property of RallyTrack.com and the respective race organization. The data may be provided, at no charge, for each race team to download and post-race analyze.  Data requests must comply with criteria listed at www.RallyTrack.com.  Prior written approval from both RallyTrack.com and the race organization is required to publish or use the data publicly or commercially.


10.       Proprietary copyrighted software is used by RallyTrack.com to automatically analyze the logged GPS data.  This software is not available for sale or evaluation.


11.       The Rally Logger unit will be installed during contingency or at pre-race line up and then removed from each vehicle at the finish line by a race official or a representative of RallyTrack.com.  Records will be kept of vehicle number, Rally Logger serial number, Slim Bracket serial number, and lock tag serial number.


12.       The Rally Logger will only be loaded onto a RallyTrack.com Slim Bracket that is properly secured to the race vehicle.


13.       For point-to-point events, RallyTrack.com will make every effort to be present at the finish line before the first vehicle arrives. If RallyTrack.com does not arrive before the first race vehicle due to an unforeseeable event or emergency, a race official will remove the lock tag and Rally Logger, secure them together, and place in a safe holding location.  RallyTrack.com will not be held liable for any delay caused by an unforeseeable event or emergency.


14.       RallyTrack.com will have a small number of extra Rally Loggers available at a race event for late entries.  Late entries must pre-pay for the Rally Logger service before they will receive any equipment.

Return of Unit from Non-Finishing Vehicles

15.       A drop off location for the Rally Logger will be provided at loop race events for non-finishing race vehicles. The drop off location is usually located at the finish line and may be located at a nearby hotel the day after the event has concluded.  The race team may also ship, at their expense, the Rally Logger to RallyTrack.com no less than 7 days after the official end of the event to avoid any late fees.  The serialized zip tie (lock tag) must be shipped back with the sealed, unopened good condition Rally Logger.  Penalties and late fees may be imposed if RallyTrack.com does not receive the Rally Logger within 14 days after the event.  Go to www.RallyLogger.com for current fees and penalties.  The shipping address is: RallyTrack.com, 4813 Levelside Avenue, Lakewood, California, USA 90712


16.       All non-finishing race teams for point-to-point events must ship the Rally Logger to RallyTrack.com at their expense or deliver the Rally Logger to the finish line before official closing time.  Penalties and late fees may be imposed if RallyTrack.com does not receive the Rally Logger within 14 days.  Go to www.RallyLogger.com for current fees and penalties.  The shipping address is: RallyTrack.com, 4813 Levelside Avenue, Lakewood, California, USA 90712


Current fees are posted at www.RallyTrack.com and are subject to change without notice.


17.       Late, overseas, and/or “one-race-only” entries are required to provide up to a $1,000 USD deposit at the discretion of RallyTrack.com when the lease is initiated.  The deposit is refundable, less any fees, after the Rally Logger is returned to RallyTrack.com within a timely manner.


18.       Post race data analysis costs are part of service fees and agreement.  Multi-event pre-paid fees will be paid directly to RallyTrack.com.  Per event fees may be paid directly to the race organization as part of the entry fees or directly to RallyTrack.com.  RallyTrack.com must be notified by an organization official of any late entries that have paid the per event fee.


19.       The race organization will fully support RallyTrack.com to prevent any tampering with the Rally Logger by enforcing a strict penalty of time and/or points if the unit is tampered with in any way.  In addition, RallyTrack.com may assess a fee of $1,000 USD to cover any diagnostics, testing, or replacement of the tampered equipment.  The only time a race team is allowed to break the lock tag seal on the Security Bracket is when they do not finish a race.  The lock tag seal must be returned with the sealed, unopened Rally Logger to RallyTrack.com as outlined within this agreement.


A signed copy of this Service Agreement is required.


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Read this agreement and print a copy for your records.