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 Slim Bracket Installation Guide

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·         DO NOT PAINT, WELD, OR MODIFY the Slim Bracket in any way.

·         Keep at least 3/4 INCH CLEARANCE AROUND ALL SIDES.

·         There must be a clear, unobstructed view of the sky from the Slim Bracket.

·         No metal, carbon fiber, or fiberglass panels may cover the Rally Logger.


Motorcycles & Quads must mount the Slim Bracket on the rear fender.


·         Slim Bracket must be installed securely to the vehicle so it cannot be removed when the Rally Logger is installed.

·         The 4 corner holes in the Slim Bracket may be drilled to match rivet or screw size.

·         Mount the Slim Bracket as far as possible from any other antennas or electronics that may receive or cause interference.  This is especially true for other GPS and/or satellite antennas (minimum 12 inches), fuel pumps, ignition boxes, coils, computer boxes, electric fans, etc.

·         Maintain adequate distance from high heat sources (exhaust, oil line, radiator, water hose, etc.)

·         The ideal location for 4-Wheel Vehicles is just behind and below the rear edge of the roof area.

·         The required location for motorcycles and quads is on the rear fender area; other locations are subject to approval by the race organization.

·         The Slim Bracket must be mounted in an easily accessible location.

·         Placement should be in a protected area that cannot be easily damaged by nerfing, tree branches, spilled fluids, excessive heat, etc.

·         Orientation

o       “Front” of Slim Bracket must point towards front or side of vehicle

o       Lengthwise, may be tipped up to 45 degrees if necessary

              o   Widthwise, should not be tipped at all and remain horizontal



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