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RallyTrack.com Rally Logger System Provides GPS Data Capture at SCORE Tecate San Felipe 250 Event

March 1, 2005

Rally Logger System from RallyTrack.com provides GPS Data capture of race vehicle actual path and speed at the recent SCORE International Tecate San Felipe 250.  The GPS based Rally Logger data recording equipment performed exactly as expected and recorded the requested information every 0.1 mile of movement on the race course (Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation (ft), Speed (mi/hr) & Heading).  Data was downloaded from all finishing vehicles fitted with "Black Boxes".  Classes  required to have the Rally Logger system, GPS Data Recording device, were Trophy Truck, Class 1, Class 10, Class 8, Pro Truck, SCORE Lite, and Class 1/2-1600.  The downloaded data provided evidence of each vehicle's actual path in comparison to the official race course and verified check point completions.  Official finishing positions were validated by analyzing the data within minutes of when the vehicle crossed the finish line. 

The GPS based Rally Logger from RallyTrack.com  is  used by  SCORE International, off-road race organizer to record a race vehicle's actual time, date, speed, heading, elevation, and position at a pre-determined interval.  At the end of the race, the data is downloaded and then digitally overlain onto an official map of the race course.  The data is analyzed to determine if any short-coursing or speeding has occurred and validate check points.


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