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GPS Logger Developed for Keeping Racers Honest

"Black Box" logs GPS points during a race

September 20, 2004

RallyTrack.com develops and tests an ultra-tuff GPS Logger at the SCORE International Primm 300 on Saturday September 11, 2004.

Craig Reitz, President of RallyTrack.com, was at the recent Primm 300 off-road race in Primm, Nevada to test a new device that will keep off-road racers from cheating.  The GPS Logger device is secured inside a very rugged waterproof box that is then placed inside another very rugged box on the race vehicle.  The "black box" uses GPS to record time, date, speed, heading, elevation, and position at a pre-determined interval.  At the end of the race the data from the trial unit was downloaded and then digitally overlaid onto an official map of the race course.  The overlay was analyzed at the end of the race to determine if any short-coursing or speeding had occurred.  Short-coursing happens when a racer deviates from the official race course to save time and distance.  Speeding occurs when a race vehicle exceeds a speed limit when transiting on public roads or highways.  RallyTrack.com has developed this "black box" to help race organizers determine any penalties or disqualifications immediately at the end of a race.  The recorded data will also be available to the race team so they can analyze and replay it on a moving map.


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