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RallyTrack Uses Sky Wave Mobile's Inmarsat D+ To Track Race Truck at Baja 1000

NOVEMBER 13, 2001

RallyTrack.com uses Sky Wave Mobile's DMR-200 Inmarsat D+ unit to track race vehicles during the Baja 1000 Race

Craig Reitz, CEO/CTO of RallyTrack.com struck a sponsorship deal with Sky Wave Mobile Communications one week before the renowned SCORE International's Baja 1000 race. Howard Rittberg, VP of R&D at RallyTrack.com, had to put in extra effort and hours to implement using the Inmasat D+ system, but the results were well worth it. In a matter of a few days, RallyTrack.com was able to integrate the D+ system into their already existing web-based and mobile-to-mobile tracking sytem. Craig Reitz commented, "The DMR-200 unit and the Inmarsat D+ services were very predictable and reliable. We deem this initial effort a success. The only time we did not receive regular position reports was understandably when the race vehicle was in a canyon or behind an obstruction (no direct line-of-sight to the satellite), or when the vehicle's master battery switch was in the off position, which turned off the DMR-200."
Tracking information was automatically retrieved from an Inmarsat D+ land earth station (LES) and automatically re-routed as an SMS message or an e-mail to a mobile command vehicle during the race. The SMS messages were received on a satellite phone and viewed manually, by Craig Reitz, to plot the race vehicle's location using mapping software on a laptop computer. The race vehicle and mobile command vehicle were also being tracked on the internet during the race. Future plans will create an automatic link between the Windows based mapping software on a laptop computer and Sky Wave Mobile's DMR-200 Inmarsat D+ unit.


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