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RallyTrack.com has a comprehensive satellite and internet based communication solution for off-highway special events.

 RallyTrack.com vehicle tracking services allow crew, family, friends, and sponsors to view the progress of a race vehicle live on the internet.  Optionally, support vehicles may acquire a 2-way satellite modem to receive automatic position reports of other vehicles and use very affordable text messaging to communicate with each other.  Additional benefits include race vehicle initiated alerts for crew assist or urgent help requests to the race organizer.  Satellite internet service is also available for your team semi, trailer, motorhome, or other vehicle.

Key Benefits

Know where a vehicle or support crew is with certainty
Better coordination of support vehicle placement

Exact location known in an emergency

Sponsors, friends, & family can follow vehicle on the internet
Automatic or manual alerts & alarms
Private login for webpage vehicle tracking
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