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History of RallyTrack.com


RallyTrack designs and releases a VHF radio based tracking system that attaches to the Rally Logger for events that can be covered by a local radio repeater system.



RallyTrack releases the Rally Tracker "mini" that uses the Iridium satellite system for 2-way SMS (Short Messaging Service) to track and communicate with assets in remote areas of the world.



The Rally Logger receives several upgrades and improvements to improve durability and battery life.


2004-November 19

RallyTrack.com implements the Rally Logger for first time at the Tecate SCORE International Baja 1000.


2004-October 5

RallyTrack.com is awarded an agreement with SCORE International  to provide GPS data logging and post-race data analysis.  Four classes (Trophy Truck, Class 1, ProTruck, and Class 1) have been mandated by SCORE to use the new Rally Logger at the upcoming Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  The Rally Logger was created and designed by Craig Reitz of RallyTrack.com to withstand the harsh Baja environment and has been deemed ultra-tuff.



Two prototype GPS data loggers are tested at the 2004 SCORE Primm 300 race in an effort to win a service contract with SCORE to provide race vehicle GPS data logging and post-race data analysis services.



No significant activities


2002-November 19 to 25
New affordable system sold to several race teams for the Baja 1000 event. Eight vehicles were tracked live on the internet during the event using the Orbcomm satellite communications system. This is the 1st time ever live, public viewable, satellite tracking via internet is performed for off-road racing in the Americas.


First "all inclusive" satellite tracking system package released. System intended for enclosed type vehicles only. The satellite tracking package is dubbed "RT2000".


A new lower cost unit in development with a very affordable, fixed monthly airtime cost for unlimited data.


Planned debut of the first beta unit at the SCORE International's Baja 1000 in Baja California, Mexico.
Update (Dec. 2001): System worked successfully during the race. Limited live internet data was posted.


Heavy emphases put back into R&D to design and build a highly ruggedized, very affordable, and highly configurable satellite tracking system for off-road motor sports. System goals are to provide tracking, picture/video capture, timing and scoring, emergency location data, near real-time data acquisition, and provide a very user friendly web-based interface for team crews, sponsors, news media, and the general public.


Winged Heart Incorporated works with Qualcomm, Globalstar USA, and Arcom Controls to build a prototype vehicle tracking system. The system was tested at the SCORE International Baja 2000 in Baja California, Mexico. The system transmitted vehicle position data to a web viewable map and also sent photos that were captured from an "in car" camera.


Winged Heart Incorporated is founded by Craig Reitz. Divisions of the company are established for the different focus areas, Winged Heart Services to provide engineering development, RallyTrack.com brand name is created for the professional off-road racing markets.


Founder takes a hiatus from commercial sales interface, continues R&D efforts, and patiently waits for the commercial satellite communications industry to catch up with his visions.

Founder of Winged Heart Services refocuses tracking system towards upcoming commercial satellite communications industry. Business activity is limited purely to research and development.


Winged Heart Services designs and prototypes a VHF based radio modem that sends vehicle ID and GPS information. The information is parsed at the receiving end with proprietary software so it can be displayed on an off-the-shelf map software.


Collaborative efforts are ended and Craig Reitz forms a sole proprietorship in San Luis Obispo to fill the void. Winged Heart Services sold GPS equipment, data acquisition equipment, and ruggedized laptops to the off-road motor sports industry and automotive manufacturer's proving grounds. Winged Heart Services also provided GPS based mapping and logistics services for off-road races.


Founder, Craig Reitz, invited to be a part of a pioneering effort to use satellite communication and GPS to track off-road race vehicles with a collaborative effort between Trimble Navigation, GM Light Truck and Bus Division, GM Hughes Network Systems, and Team McPherson Motor sports


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