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SPOT Satellite Messenger Emergency FAQs from GEOS

GEOS has been able to test the newest product of Globalstar’s, the SPOT Satellite Messenger.  This new device is a GPS satellite messenger that will send messages to friends and family to alert them that you are alright or that you are in need of assistance.  Also, it has the capability to alert 911 when you are in a life threatening situation.  After using the device for a couple of trips around our city we had some questions.  Our main questions are about the 911 deployment.  Here are the questions that we had and the answers that we have received so far.

Who and where is the 911 emergency call center that the 911 messages are routed to?

The call center that answers the emergency 911 messages that are sent from SPOT is located in Houston, TX.  The name of the company is GEOS.  They are an international emergency call center.


How long does it take for 911 to be deployed after the button has been pressed?

After the first emergency message has been received at GEOS they will attempt to contact your first and second contact people to confirm that there is an emergency.  If this is confirmed or there is no answer by the time the second message is received (a message is sent every five minutes) GEOS will use your latitude and longitude to alert the necessary emergency personnel to your location.  SPOT is accurate up to a 20 ft radius. 

If buried by an avalanche or caught in a mudslide what are the chances that SPOT will still transmit messages?

SPOT is a satellite messenger.  It does need to have a clear view of the sky to transmit messages.  Messages will probably still transmit through a light snow cover however underneath heavy mud or snow there is no guarantee that it messages will be sent.


What does GEOS stand for?

The name GEOS is derived from the ancient Greek "geos", which means "World" - GEOS is both an entire world of travel safety and travel security processes as well as being a travel safety and travel security program with worldwide scope (GEOS is the brand name of Travel Safety Group).

GEOS has also been appointed as the global 911 Responder for Globalstar SPOT (Satellite PersOnal Tracker). Please feel free to contact GEOS if you have any further queries.

Information Provided by the GEOS Contact Administrator


Emergency Call Center for SPOT

The SPOT Satellite Messenger has a life saving feature that many satellite phones do not carry.  The SPOT Satellite Messenger has four different functions.  One of these functions is the capability to alert a 911 service to your location in a life threatening event.  GEOS emergency response services are the providers of this function.   Here is how it works.  If you are in a life threatening situation you will press and hold the 911 button for 3 seconds.  This activates the service and will alert GEOS that you need help immediately.  They will try to get in touch with your first and second contact to establish that help is needed.  Your longitude and latitude is obtained through Google Maps™.  If your contacts do not answer the phone or if the second message comes through GEOS will alert the proper authorities to your location.  SPOT is accurate within a 20 ft radius.  So who gets notified when they are deployed?  When a signal is sent from land the local SAR (search and rescue) team, local police, or AFRCC (Air Force Rescue Coordination Center) are deployed.  If your signal comes from the sea the Coast Guard is sent to your rescue.  While traveling abroad GEOS will contact the US Embassy.  No matter who comes to your rescue someone will be coming.  “It could be the difference between coming home in coach and coming home in cargo!”



The Emergency service is NOT and WILL NOT be provided for organized events such as off-road motorsports, extreme adventure competitions, and yacht regattas.

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