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Exclusive Special Features and Services 

for RallyTrack Customers


ONLY available to RallyTrack.com customers 

that have purchased their tracking equipment directly from RallyTrack.com

What you need to do:

Option 1:
  1. Provide us with your "RallyTrack SPOT Code" and, your username and password on your SPOT Account
  2. Let us know at least 2 weeks prior to a race or special event that you will be using your SPOT Tracker

  3. Provide any useful information about the special event (ie. Race Number, Driver(s)/Rider(s), etc.)


Option 2:

  1. Create a FireEagle account with Yahoo.com

  2. Add your SPOT Tracker to your FireEagle account

  3. Provide RallyTrack with your FireEagle access information

The Special Features & Services provided by RallyTrack.com

  1. Automatic integration with http://Live.RallyTrack.com Live Vehicle Tracking.  This will allow support crew, sponsors, family, and friends to view your live tracking information without the risk of giving out your username and password.
  2. FREE Technical information, tips, and software to maximize the distribution and usage of your satellite tracking info.  Options Include: automatic text messaging to sat phones and cell phones, automatic e-mail distribution, Google Earth overlays for your event, and many more
Send e- mail to:  info(at)RallyTrack.com
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