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SPOT Satellite Messenger Service

Spot Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker
The World’s First Satellite Messenger and Tracker

Annual service only $100
“Limited Messaging”

99.4% Satellite Reliability Using a 48 Satellite Constellation

Who needs a SPOT unit?

Hikers, Campers & Hunters
Cross Country and Downhill Skiers
International Travelers
Long Distance Drivers & Truckers
Recreational and Professional Pilots
Anyone Who Lives In Remote Locations
Recreational and Professional Boaters
Cross Country and Downhill Skiers
Mountain Climbers
Anyone that travels outside of cellular range

Optional “unlimited tracking” annual service - $50
Optional unlimited tracking service will transmit your location every 10 minutes for a 24 hour period and is viewable in Google Maps.  Tracking can be reactivated by the user of the spot unit by a press of a button.

Optional “Search And Rescue” annual insurance - $8
Optional insurance is provided through GEOS.

Spot Satellite Messenger $150

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